Ouxh - Machines in Care (PRE-ORDER)

Ouxh - Machines in Care (PRE-ORDER)

LKR Records



LKR007 comes in hot from the Ballarat born now Berlin based producer Ouxh. 'Machines In Care' is a warm and unique EP touching on the emotional and introspective side of Ouxh's productions leaning on broken Electro and dusty IDM.

'Machines In Care' features a rolling groove filled with unique percussion and field recordings of various machines layered in a Musique Concréte style. The similarly styled 'Birdman' continues on this tip with a slightly more hopeful feeling to it.

Finally 'Coma Void' quick in it's pace, flexes sharp electro with a catchy vocal and an ever evolving dub sound. Scattered bleeps and great drum programming carry this enormous dance floor destroyer.