Overland - Forever in Transit EP

Overland - Forever in Transit EP




You can hear Overland play relentless techno, fast-cut acid breaks or bass-driven industrial music at some of the realest raves in her base of operations in Vancouver and around Canada and the US. Her productions speak a raw, unfiltered language of emotions, body electricity and social consciousness, informed by the sonic cultures of Detroit, New York, and UK.

'Forever in Transit' doesn't sound like it, but it's only her second EP ever - incredibly enough, Overland's been creating finished pieces of music for just over a year. 'Anxiety' opens the EP with saturated 909 kicks and echoing 303s, suggesting influences from early 90s acid techno. Equal parts bounce and build, the minimal drums give space for the bass line to expand and explore the space. Fans of Hardfloor and Woody McBride will be very comfortable when the DJ drops this one. Slithering, rattling shakers snake in and out of the background and metallic hi hats keep the pace as the 303 hums along in 'Virtuous'. Cascading drops of acid fall into the listener's ears as filters ebb and flow and the dynamic squelch of everyone's favorite silver box . After a brief pause, the beat goes big with a cavernous, industrial sound as the 303 continues to sing its siren song.

The laid-back beat of 'Trance Dream' carries us along a winding path of plucked synths and floating textures. The shifting chords describe the journey as we sleepwalk through a forest thick with arpeggios. Building intensity as it develops, the filters open to remind us that this is, after all, an acid track on an acid EP. 'Transit' rounds out the record with a downtempo melancholy groove. Indistinct voices echo in the background as musical layers wash over a descending bass line while a broken kick and repeating thick claps punctuate the rhythm. Is it sorrowful synthpop? Is it a slow jack track? A balearic anthem, perhaps? Possibly it's all three and more.