Overland - Void Function

Overland - Void Function

Sweat Equity


12" EP

Sweat Equity NYC marks its second entry into the world of wax with a super-heated four tracker from Vancouver’s acid queen, Overland. Adding another chapter to her growing discography, ‘Void Function’ is an undeniably propulsive addition to Overland’s ever-growing rave oeuvre.
Before relocating to Vancouver, Overland sharpened her skills in the snowy expanses of Alberta. A tireless DJ and promoter, she's hosted a score of all-nighters and club events across the city, making her mark as an enthusiastic booster of a vibrant scene.
Her tracks embody her DJ sets, a frenetic fusion of classic acid techno with fresh rave sensibilities, both razor-sharp and mind-expanding in the same breath. Her ability to connect scenes and sounds from across the globe found fertile soil quickly, and releases followed on Los Angeles-based Helpful Music and Lisbon’s finest purveyor of peak-time heaters, Naive.
Void Function is a tenacious step forward in the evolution of the banger, moving from up front scorchers to more meditative grooves that still rip.
Lead track "NASA" is a blistering alkaline thumper that melts straight into “Rain,” a melodic groover suitable for the first rays of morning light through warehouse windows. "Doubtful" returns to slammer country, bursting onto the B-side with swells of white noise and an utterly relentless rhythm that sets up the closing tune “Seasons,” which pulls dancers through a swirling torrent of hazy, flickering sonics, and a subtle sense of swing that serves as a perfect tool for winding the floor up, or cooling it down.
Void Function is a bold transmission from a singular artist and a certified a scorcher with room to spare for inter-dimensional dancefloor reveries.