Overloper - Aposynthesis

Overloper - Aposynthesis

Pater Noster


12" Vinyl 


Pater Noster presents their fifth release, Aposynthesis by Overloper, a side project of Ekman.

The A-Side brims with tension both contemplative and active. ‘Hope You're Close’ is a deep burner, with heavy, pounding bass and an entrancing hook ascending to space. This then escalates into the urgency of ‘Aposynthesis (Need More Sisa)’, in which a driving, rolling rhythm is juxtaposed with an old school, dutch-style rave synth.

The B-Side encircles around acid. On one hand, it is coyly playful with ‘Carpe Noctem’ turning cavernous in Innsyter’s dark interpolation of the other.