Panthera Krause - All My Circuits Part I

Panthera Krause - All My Circuits Part I

Uncanny Valley


12" Vinyl


Modern forward thinking house music by Panthera Krause on his new EP for Uncanny Valley. The successor to his highly acclaimed Umami EP is not only rich in giving the dancers material to freak out on the floor. Beyond that, All My Circuits Part I is a perfect showcase for the Leipzig based producer's wealth of variety. Heppy is a piano driven anthem that will surely capture many hearts thanks to an irresistible dynamic. There's some Acid in the veins of Stomping Ground, a track that you should show your rocker friends when they doubt that there is energy in House music. Unraveled Dreaming is as demanding with strong sample use as it is beautiful with a build-up for eternity in the second half. Finally, Le Phoque is quite a playful affair with its whirring sounds and driving percussion work. Tip!

Danish producer and Regelbau family member Forte follows up his outstanding debut album Techne with a four track EP on ØEN REC. Transcending the traditional divide between dance and contemplation Away is a trip through tropical jungles and starry nights traversing effortlessly through meditative soundscapes, lush ambient house and rhythmic explorations.

On Away Forte cultivates soundscapes placed firmly between the body and the abstract, each track a testament to Forte’s deep interest in sound design and sound textures, balancing drum machines and synths with percussion and swirling organic sounds.