Pascal Viscardi - Chabha Dassin Hakku

Pascal Viscardi - Chabha Dassin Hakku

Chineurs de House


12" Vinyl

Hot off the heels of CDH005 by DJ Lettuce, French imprint Chineurs de House releases Chabha Dassin Hakku, an EP by established Swiss producer Pascal Viscardi. LA HESS The EP opens with this engaging tune. It is driven by the sequence of warm and thick TB-303 bassline and drum machine programming reminiscent of Chicago jakbeat. In addition to lush pads, the producer uses dreamy wind instrument sounds as well as arpeggios of a cosmic persuasion. The result is deep and dance-inducing at the same time, and this tune is an efficient but far from simplistic dancefloor weapon. Tizi Ouzou Here’s another journey of a track, with an elegant sound design that is reminiscent of soft focus in video, where Viscardi shows his impressive production skills. With the raw pulse of the rhythmic section coupled with vintage synth programming, bodies are put in motion. With oriental-sounding melodies, deep chords and hand percussion samples, the mind loses itself. Geared for the dancefloor but almost experimental, this is a very special track waiting to be unleashed by DJs who dare to be different. Maladie d’Amour It is impossible to sit still while listening to this track, a slice of robust deep house with a clear African influence. It is built around a highly compelling beat, with a variety of samples, male vocals and dizzying pads. Viscardi reminds us that less is more and he manages to create a classy and floaty tune that is nonetheless geared for the dancefloor. Village Numérique This track is a downtempo gem. It’s a soulful affair at the crossroads of the Balearic and afro worlds. Percussion sounds, marimba melodies, vintage electric keyboard chords, a plodding bassline, sound FX and spoken word are masterfully combined by Viscardi to close the EP in style with this slow-burning tune.

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