Patricia - Free Lunch

Patricia - Free Lunch

Nona Records



For his new release on Nona Records Brooklyner Max Ravitz changes the formula again and delivers five spirited acid electro tracks. The EP will be out at the end of August supporting his European summer dates.

For the past several years Ravitz has been keeping up his production of house and techno music via different outfits like Inhalants, Masks, or Pulpo and most notably Patricia with his last year’s release – an epic 3LP record – ‘Several Shades of the Same Color’. His recent effort called ‘Free Lunch’ explores one of the directions presented on the album, however this time adding more color in the palette. Continuing to tool and retool his modular synth rack, on ‘Free Lunch’ Ravitz produces energetic electro tracks that show a shift from the familiar hazy murkiness to a more present sound and almost song-like writing that introduces some more layered melodies, acid grooves and luscious pointillism. ‘Your Battery Is Leaking’ is a groovy electro track with sizzling hi-hats, grimy bass tune and a lot of acid, while ‘Consumer Recreation Services’ is a heady trip of restless arpeggios and melting synths. ‘Placeholder’ combines the ingredients of the first two tracks and ‘Early Stages of Something’ brings back the grimy bass and lively groove. Finally ‘Winnipeg’ is the perfect closer returning to layered synth melodies and syncopated bass that brings back the memory of ‘I Know The Face, But Not The Name’ from his last album.