Patrick Gibin - ASE06-CASS

Patrick Gibin - ASE06-CASS

Altered Soul Experiment


Cassette Tape

Altered Soul Experiment allows each selected artist a chance to re-create the tangible nostalgia that derives from cassette tapes whilst educating and creating new experiences for the listener.

After a masterclass in soul, disco and boogie at OHM earlier this year, Patrick Gibin aka Twice returns to Altered Soul Experiment; this time through via their cassette imprint.

The Italian-based selector and respected digger is the man behind the Black Aroma edits that are on his own Blend It! label. The series has now released eight EP’s which are a collection of edits not only reflecting Gibin’s impressive downtempo collection, but the sheer depth of his hidden disco & boogie gems. Furthermore, Gibin’s also the resident DJ and artistic director of ROOTS Corte Radisi, Verona, Italy: a seminal and unique club inviting artists such as Theo Parrish, Sadar Bahar, Lee Collins and Waajeed.

For Gibin’s contribution to ASE; “it’s a mix of strictly slow jams. It was recorded with the intention to listen to both sides from beginning to end, rather than two separate entries. It tells the story of what music touches me, however at the same time it’s music that makes me shake a leg without having to push the BPM’s too high.”

As for the listener, they will be treated to a blissful, yet gradual build of soul in its various shades and looks. Uncompromising in its approach, it reflects the essence of what cassette tapes mean to Gibin - a tangible journey carrying a message from one person to another, a message that Gibin ensures is deeply engrained into his 90 minutes of music.