Peaky Beats - Cats & Lobsters (PRE-ORDER)

Peaky Beats - Cats & Lobsters (PRE-ORDER)

Breaks ‘N’ Pieces


12" EP

Leeds based independent vinyl label Peaky Beats has been behind some of the most exciting names in the UKG re-rise in recent years - from releases on the label by Highrise & Papa Nugs, to a killer mix series featuring Eliza Rose and Amaliah, to shelling it down through his live shows. Now the bass enthusiast joins the Breaks N Pieces family with a four-tracker spanning UK sub-bass culture.

‘Put Em Up’ is quintessentially Peaky; large wubs and stripped back percussion meet on a devastating 2-stepper - a certified bass-face instigator. Garage riddims are replaced with dubstep aesthetics on ‘Weapon’; a melodic, pressure-heavy, intergalactic trip through bass-weight. An elegant dub, for a more civilized time.

‘Feline Good’ switches the tempo again, this time through grimey half-time steps and angelic atmospherics that malfunction and break over the soundscape of West Yorkshire, before the dutty 2-step returns on ‘Ishval’ - a dark and lairy party starter.

EXPECTED December 2021