Pépe - Lemon Fanta

Pépe - Lemon Fanta

Lobster Theremin


12" Vinyl

Pépe joins the Lobster fam after a stunning, twinkling EP of miniature electro & house for Renascence. Taking aim at wider sonic territory, Lemon Fanta showcases the Valencia producers multi-floral sound palette across three shifting times and moodscapes. 

Rainfall (Pts I & II) is the long and winding A-side. Sounding like a mid-noughties extended piano house number that could have landed squarely on Running Back, this is a reality-squeezing, rainstick-baiting slab of late eve euphoria. Hand-slapped congos pop under timba, claps and a translucent drum machine bedrock. A warm vibes closer and emotionally charged night ended. 

Title track Lemon Fanta ups the zest with an ante-kicked 'n' stepped whizz through stomping drum machine programming and overdriven square-wave basslines, all preceded by enveloping filter-chords and a chatter Spanish lilt. 

Benzine Electronics rounds out the release, taking a stop start approach to song structure, hemmed to rhythmically hypnotic underlay of gentle synths, sparkling & stuttering arps, and a soft bed of 808