Pépe -  Weightless In Orbit

Pépe - Weightless In Orbit

Deep Sea Frequency

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12" Vinyl

The second offering from Deep Sea Frequency comes from Valencia born Pépe, and is an all-encompassing space age electro trip to the cosmos and back.

'Weightless in Orbit' introduces the EP on a relatively fast, yet jovial note. A future classic in it's own right, with an infectious bassline and 808 snare which nods to genre heroes like Drexciya and B12.

Maintaining the pace, and in true Pépe fashion; 'A Perfect Circle' on the A2 is a driving and relentless number fuelled by arpeggiator madness and raging toms.

'Young Pros' is mellow yet punchy, and quickly blooms into a full-on FM synthesis trip held together by gliding choir-like pads; a perfectly balanced chill out essential.

'Harajuku' closes things out on a 2 steppy beat with the return of that signature snare, coupled with a hypnotising and almost oriental leaning bassline.