Piska Power - Landung

Piska Power - Landung

power station

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The 5th installation of Power Station, this time from the unused tunnels of Berlin's U-Bahn. A first time artist release for us as himself and vice versa - metaphorically but not limited to reality.

German born, Stefan (wunder) Junge aka Piska Power is Med student by day and neurotic composer by night which is clearly examined and demonstrated with his 6 track ‘Landung’ ep.

Opening song ‘Riemen' (Belt) floats way above the cosmos, now? the future ? or is it before the beginning of anything? which metaphysically speaking, in the grand scheme of everything is nothing… Bursts and cosmic collision peripherate through-out the track for a final gas explosion, Earth? ‘Kette' gives us early signs of life, deep in the water - a 6 and half minute motorik Marimba jam, incubating at 80bpm. ‘Flöha' washes you ashore, a tiny speck of un-ware living matter exploring the land, the slow heartbeat pulsating you through and the strike of the Toms hark the call for evolution.

Flip over to B1 and you have ‘Umgehung', Stefan has fast tracked human evolution, the pulsating modular sequence slowly mutating all the while at its core remaining the same, a reference to the primal condition of the Homo-sapien. A dark turn, ARAS travels deep into the unsound (albeit temporary) human psyche, dealing with all the negative effects of this thing we call LIFE. ARAS also comes with a self help voice guide courtesy of Dr Junge (Nur Deutsch) and finally LANDUNG, closes up this journey of an EP, you have arrived!