Postelektrik - So We All Thought We Knew Technology

Postelektrik - So We All Thought We Knew Technology

Chicago Bee Records



After appearing on the well received Chicago Bee Various artists EP Nill Minogue AKA Postelektrik delivers his debut EP on the same label. 

This well crafted EP has a mature sound that crosses the boundaries from traditional acid and leans towards  deep house and electronica.  

Side A delivers what has been to be  expected from Chicago Bee. But its the the flip side where Nill Minogue comes into his own. This side  blends a shift towards a home listening vibe as well as being suited to a more discerning dance floor.  The tracks The Green Strobe and Not Them are slow drifting builders  and full of lush pads that float along endlessly.  This combined with moody baselines and trademark Roland drums  you surely have a well rounded winner. 

Many supporting this EP so far including DeepChord, Placid (I Love Acid) , Damo B (Outer Limits radio show) Colin Dale, Jerome Hill , Rennie Foster and Type 303.