Ice Dog - Babylon Fish

Ice Dog - Babylon Fish



12" Vinyl


Hardcore Inside.

We've encountered ајс дог during one sunny Belgrade afternoon while he was chasing what he was calling fish (actually Slavic seniors transformed into dolphins and dolphin is not a fish). He might or might not told us the forthcoming story:

"A man complains of being hungry. All the time. Dogs, it seems, are never hungry. So the man decides to become a dog. To be a dog, one must walk on all fours. The hero decides to wear shoes on his hands, only to discover that there is no hand left to tie the laces on the fourth shoe. What does a shoe-shod dog tie laces with? Its mouth. Organ by organ, the man becomes a dog."

One lace at a time, his record transformed us into a new type of misunderstood creatures. Most of the tracks are surprisingly fast and playable yet broken while others are groovy, however noisy. I'm pretty sure you haven't heard anything like it before. But what do I know, I'm a fish. 

ајс дог is an alias of 33.10.3402