Q3A - Deva Station EP

Q3A - Deva Station EP



12" Vinyl 

A year after his last release on Delsin, Hungarian producer Q3A is back with four more cuts of techno and electro excellence. This alias is a side project by Lobster Theremin artist Route 8 and finds him making club tracks that ooze atmosphere and intriguing details.

The 'Nameless Place' kicks off with a tense and tangled techno track that is urgent and slick as is hurries on through damp underground caverns. 'The Very End of You' completely flips the script and is a slow motion bit of dub. With only sparse kick drums, the focus is on the cavernous pads that smear in huge arcs as watery droplets and heavenly chords add to the brain soothing effect. 'Temple of Retribution' is back to techno, with a nod to Ko-Ta's 90's tribal productions, this time with loose, jumbled percussion and clipped drums cantering along at high speed. Again it's roomy stuff with no real edge. The 'Deva Station' drops into house mode, wriggling drums and distant vocal cries finished off with some classic Detroit keys. It's a high tech, soulful track that closes out a diverse and devastating EP.