R.O.S.H. - Will I Make The Turn?

R.O.S.H. - Will I Make The Turn?

Negative Space [MA]


R.O.S.H. announces new single ‘Will I Make The Turn?' on freshly-minted London label, Negative Space [Ma].

Raised in an Indian household in Hertfordshire, R.O.S.H. aka Roshan Chauhan is already a name to watch and ‘Will I Make The Turn?' lands as his third release, having previously put out music on Drumz for Eternity and self-released. The producer and DJ now expands his discography on ‘Negative Space [Ma]’.

R.O.S.H.’s latest release takes a darker turn as he morphs whoozy memories of his nighttime rituals, from club to car to home as streetlights flicker overhead reliving acceleration though BPM on punchy A-side, ‘Will I Make the Turn?’.

While on the B-side cut ‘Sorry… I Can’t.’, R.O.S.H. delivers an infectious melancholic ode to the realities of seeing someone you are close to suffer from depression.