R.O.S.H. - Winona's Love / AMG

R.O.S.H. - Winona's Love / AMG



12" Vinyl

R.O.S.H. returns with two anthemic UK-leaning 4/4 productions. Following last year’s debut release on Bristol’s Drumz For Eternity label, Herts based R.O.S.H. broadens his release schedule via two tracks that establish a common thread of unique top end melodies coupled with swinging, UK funky indebted percussion and pure peak time atmospherics. ‘Winona’s Love (Stranger Things Mix)’ launches with an audacious mixture of circling John Carpenter synths and rolling ’09 era UK funky percussion coming across as one part London legend Apple to two parts prime eighties Repo Man. Honed Berlin kick drums and low swung bass hits combine to create a constantly driving concoction of ceiling banging techno all tied together with the distinctive infectious synth work that’s fast becoming a R.O.S.H. staple. Creating a fully fledged dance floor homage to Netflix's most popular sleep competitor is the young producer’s raison d’etre across this release. ‘AMG (A45 Mix)’ goes in for the kill with rattling percussive stabs and tweaked woodblock snares winding up the drama before the rumbling techno breakout at the one minute mark. It's a return to the rude form of UK Funky's heyday, with colossal amounts of sub and every element driven to a singular purpose; to move bodies in the dance.

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