Ramses - Arancio Borealis

Ramses - Arancio Borealis

Dill Dodos Recife

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12" EP

There was a rumble which echoed as it emerged from the murky depths of the cave. Deep down in the tomb below was the sound of distant drums which banged and roared with pride and promise as they began to wake the dead from their long slumber. Few had ever imagined that they'd rise again, the stories told of ancient ruins and magical creatures had long been deemed irresponsible nonsense told to scare children and for fireside tales. Now, it seemed as if they were wrong, very wrong indeed...

Ramses is set to release a new EP on Dill Dodos Recife (serie of Discolored Field’s label focuses on club reflections), a Lyon based record label with a promising future. The EP is a weird, mutated assortment of heavy hitting club sounds and low end weight.