Ray Keith / Rassterlin / Muwookie - You - People - Love Dub

Asbo Records



Originally Released in 2014 on Valentines day as part of the love dub remixes was the Ray Keith remix and for obvious reasons (Ray being a legend) it was a fav of the release & was very well supported by many, so we thought it was time or maybe even overdue (7 years Later) that us at Asbo released the connoisseurs 9 min extended mix from Ray we had stashed away in the Asbo vault all this time.

This is 100% one for our vinyl & audiophile crew, supported on the AA side with Rassterlins 'People' and Muwookies 'You' both bringing unique different flavors from the jungle/dnb spectrum, mastered on 180 gram, strawberry milkshake colored vinyl with full color 'Lock-down' sleeve.