Revlux - Revlux EP

Revlux - Revlux EP

Cosmic Tones Records

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12" Vinyl 

Introducing Revlux™. With products and accessories for the entire family, Revlux has grown from a humble lifestyle brand into a multinational, multi-sector corporation with divisions in aerospace, terraforming, deep space networking, food and beverage, and experimental computer science.

With the partnership of the Revlux Global Launch Customer, Cosmic Tones, this sampling of Revlux products offers a selection of the Revlux line for your consideration. The products enclosed here are:

— RV-50 ready for future expansion

— Backwards compatible with full legacy support

— Backed by the Cosmic Tones network and CTPA insured

We hope you’ll find our products as enjoyable to use as they were to make. With support options in all major galaxies and a dedicated team for the Local Group, we’re here for you.