Ryan Aitchison - Ryan Aitchison EP

Ryan Aitchison - Ryan Aitchison EP

Warehouse Music


Warehouse Music is the imprint brought to you by London based DJ and Producer Ryan Aitchison, aka Mella Dee.

After being named the ‘Best Breakthrough Label’ of 2017 by DJ Mag and following on from the ‘Techno Disco Tools EP’, Warehouse Music launches into 2018 presenting a three track EP; this time under Aitchison’s given name ‘Ryan Aitchison’. This new project gives the more experimental, darker sounds he is producing an identity.

DN5 is relentlessly percussive and hard-hitting, whilst Corruption is laced with a growling funk and Auxiliary draws the EP to a close as a dark, electro cut. WM004 is pressed to white vinyl with a bespoke hand-stamp design of the infamous Doncaster Warehouse.

Release date: February 16th