S.Kid 12'' -  A1. Dreamer '95 B1. Junglist Days

S.Kid 12'' - A1. Dreamer '95 B1. Junglist Days







Being that the pressing plant is still in operation, and the length of time it generally takes -- along with the label's necessity to continue -- I'm going ahead with releases as planned. I understand that records aren't a priority at the moment, but I'm optimistic that this will soon pass and things will return to normality.

And so not being persuaded that the eschaton is upon us, pre-orders are now open. All the usual fare: high quality mastering and pressing on limited 180g heavyweight coloured vinyl, stickers and digicards. mint copies of AMEN001 from my personal keepsake to 10 random people from the first 100 pre-orders. Hopefully they'll all go to those that missed out on the initial release. Please don't ask to buy one seperately.

Big up all cru, stay guarded and please share the jungle news.