S Olbricht - Purpleblue

S Olbricht - Purpleblue

Lobster Theremin


12" Vinyl

Following 2016’s ‘For Perfect Beings’, S Olbricht makes a welcome return to Lobster Theremin with his ‘Purpleblue’ EP, a four-track excursion that weaves in and out of machine driven techno and shimmering ambient gestures.

What at first seems like a departure from his trademark skewed and sludgy sound is quickly realised as a shifting and ever evolving journey through the outer limits of electronic music.

Opener ‘Enju’ is a pounding, sprawling and mechanical behemoth, born from deep within a rolling maze of endless encounters and possibilities.

Title track ‘Purpleblue’ is a symphony in static, punctuated by a single, ominous digital tick moving from Ultra Violet Purple to deep shades of Mississippi Blue. A trilling, glacial hi-hat beckons in the soft thud of an arpeggiated, playful step sequence which is then in turn overcast by a gentle swaying melody in the distance.

Flipping over, ‘T’ is a raw and pumping battle to the death. Looping drums, raw percussion and signals from a dystopian landscape come clattering into view. A proper peak time slice of dark room ammunition.

Fresh from an ever living and breathing 90s warehouse ‘Hrom’ closes out the EP. A sub-aquatic compression dive played on the cast iron bottoms of sunken nuclear subs charged in to the beating, bugged out bleeps of a faltering rhythm box.