Samo DJ ‎– Kicked Out Of Everywhere

Samo DJ ‎– Kicked Out Of Everywhere

The Trilogy Tapes


12" Vinyl

The forty -fourth release on Will Bankhead's highly lauded The Trilogy Tapes comes from Born Free co-founder Samo DJ, previously responsible for a fine cassette mix for the label as well as that Four Legs 12" with Skudge's Elias Landberg. Given the Swede's eclectic approach, it's perhaps unsurprising that Kicked Out of Everywhere is a pleasingly mixed-up affair. Opener "Bleeps" drags the fuzzy, sparse and bass-heavy sound of Early British techno kicking and screaming into the industrial techno age (admittedly via the broken beats of West London), while "LKF" is simultaneously dreamy, trippy and rhythmically intense. Some may hear the influence of early Belgian techno in the slippery throb of "Medellin", while the weird, spaced-out "Downer" sounds like hazy jazz after several shoe boxes full of Ketamine. Samo DJ for President!

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