Sex Voltage - Sex Voltage EP

Sex Voltage - Sex Voltage EP

Detachment Records



Sex Voltage EP is the first official release from Finnish Lapland born artist Sex Voltage. It is also the first release of the Lapland based label Detachment Records.

“I experienced the emerging of early 90’s European rave scene and the ‘summer of love’ mostly through Finnish National Broadcast Company’s disco and alternative music radio shows and my own imagination. Living in small village in Eastern Lapland near Russian border didn’t give me much other opportunities. When I finally made it to some techno parties in southern Finland they were actually slightly disappointing compared to the image I had of created of the rave culture through the music.”, he laughs.

“Few years ago I realized I have been producing techno and house tracks for over twenty years now. Listening to the machines and trying out different signal paths still gives me the same feeling of mystery and excitement I received through other artist’s work earlier. Maybe it is a good moment to give something back to the scene and pack some of the late years tracks together for others to enjoy.”

Sex Voltage 3 is a your funky yet desperate lo-fi techno banger
Sex Voltage 9 is a your playful square-wave bassline on a massive kick drum
Sex Voltage 11 is your distorted acid track celebrating the last sun rays before the polar night
Sex Voltage 14 is your last space cake on a Sunday morning

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