Shine Grooves - HANAGASUMI01




Hanagasumi - hazy curtain of flowers, cherry blossoms appearing from a far like a white mist - this phenomenon can be seen during the sakura blossom in Japan. The mysterious musician Shine Grooves inspired by Japanese culture is launching a label of the same name. Shine Grooves owns the underground Quadrat label, his tracks were released on the labels such as Kimochi, Rough House Rosie, Udacha, etc. Hanagasumi's first release is a mix of abstract rhythms with an influence of ambient tracks of the 90s. Each track is filled with magical synth chords with a cozy mood. Compositions with a smooth, atmospheric rhythm prevail on the first side of the vinyl, while the tracks on the second side will make you to get lost in zero gravity.

All tracks written and produced by Andrey Kurokhtin at 2019.
Mastered by Shine Grooves.
Limited 12" hand stamped vinyl, 150 copies, vinyl only.