Sina XX - Funderground (PRE-ORDER)

Techno Is The Devils Music


12" EP

Demonic techno straight from the fiery depths, Body To Body founder Sina XX serves up four unholy cuts of industrial devastation that has Satan himself grinning horn to horn as he soundtracks his subterranean hellscape on Techno Is The Devil’s Music.

Following outings on Rinse France and performances in Rex Club, Maison Pourpre and many of Paris’ iconic heavy sound institutions, Sina XX is fast becoming one of most exciting names of the techno circuit. As the founding member of Subtyl he has become synonymous with the rave renaissance currency sweeping its way through the French capital through its nocturnal, heavy-hitting aesthetic.

‘Don’t Stop’ is a shining example of this - punishing, psychedelic techno that does exactly what it says on the tin. ‘Blame Us For This Rave’ extends the frantic energy into a robotic cut of unrelenting kicks and alarming stabs that create a sense of urgency and release.

‘Feed Your Fetish’ sways towards the cinematic; a little more melodic than its predecessors, but nonetheless energetic. Acid-trance atmospherics craft an aura of largeness - a defining soundscape where its residents are free to be as weird as they want - before ‘OK Boomer’ see us out with an absolute bouncer that is more concerned with the fun that can be created through jumping up and down on the spot than the stereotypical seriousness that techno can be known for.

EXPECTED December 2021