Skyrager - Beat Girl / Wonderful

Skyrager - Beat Girl / Wonderful



12" Vinyl 

 Skyrager presents the first in a series of dance floor edits designed for optimum peak set destruction!

'Beat Girl / Wonderful' is already generating heat on worldwide dance-floors in the skilled hands of crack selectors including Hunee, Lovefingers, Mark E and more.

'Beat Girl' is our A-side, a heavy, throbbing EBM monster... like something discovered on a long lost Belgian white label with it's sharp French femme-fatale monologue and nagging acid bass-line. Trust us, this one sounds ultra-heavy on the system! Things get a little 'sexual' about halfway through and then those guitars kick in, yes, GUITARS, scuzzed out, fuzzed out chords run rampant over this beast and you're gonna love it. This is that sleaze, put your phone away, pick up the amyl and JACK.

'Wonderful' is just that, a ridiculously rare South African (!) cover of Italo overlords Klein & MBO's cut of the same name. There shouldn't be much more to say here, but you should know that it's a stellar combo of hypnotic drum machine rhythms, mind melting synth bass-lines and super dreamy spoken word vocals. It's almost as if she's speaking directly to you as you lose yourself in the smoke and lazers, let go, you know you want to...