Smolny -  Explain EP

Smolny - Explain EP

Bourassa Records



After a few good years of releases on labels such as the Catz’n’Dogz founded PETS or unforgettable hit ‘Turnaround' made it together with SLG for Play It Down, Smolny has started his own imprint called Bourassa Records.  

‘Explain’ EP is the first release on the label and you can definitely call it bangin’ stuff! All the tracks are inspired by UK Dub and techno sounds. Smolny concentrated on the strong and soft bass line in the same time which literally vibrates and floats on the filter. In a balanced way, it gives tension in the tracks of well-arranged drums that kick you at the right moment. In each of them we can also hear a hypnotic vocal cuts that gives you slight anxiety and mysterious aura.

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