SONIKKU - Diamond Dust

SONIKKU - Diamond Dust

Lobster Sleep Sequence


12" Vinyl


SONIKKU comes riding back into the Lobster tropical gardens with a flurry of sparkling, arpeggiator-driven ambient jams featuring three extended reworks from NTS regular Mobbs. 

SONIKKU's originals apply a drier and skit-length pop approach to synth-based home listening. Building a borderline-saccharine melodic base to each track then upping the sheen and the tropical & twinkling production. Shots of balearic appear in Earth Temple, Christmas jingles echo from the depths of Diamond Dust, while Sky Garden channels a more direct emotional palette of warm synthesizer heartbreak. 

Mobbs' approach is to allow each track to breathe around it's core strengths over a longer time frame, whilst enhancing and encouraging each element to make it's space and time to enter the track. The shifts and swaying structures turn shorter synth ideas into fully blown journeys that become almost hypnotic by the end. A soft, dream-like ride into bliss.