Soundstream - Julie’s Theme



12" EP

The infamous Sound Stream return with just their sixth release to date (granted, they've churned out loads of stuff through their other guises). I have to confess, its usually the Sound Stream stuff that gets me the most - its subtle, organic sample usage and club friendly arrangement. Anyway, they're always highly sought after slabs of wax and come with that Hardwax guarantee of heavy fidelity pressing. "Julie's Theme" kicks of and is a druggy slab of manipulated disco loops, tearing beats and heavily delays drums. The stuttering grain delays will cause ripples of energy soaring through the club while the tough hand claps and pummeling kick will keep you locked down. The melodious elements are slowly introduced towards the end, giving a lovely tension and release as the heavy drums give way to blissful, floaty melodies that offer a lovely refrain after the aggressive grooves. On the flip we get a more straight-up disco / house jaunt. Beginning with head-turning air raid sirens (always one of my favourite effects) accompanying a live, chugging 4/4 disco beat its not long before an absolutely huge meandering bassline comes in which is gonna get people bursting around the floor pulling shapes like no-bodies business. This is proper peaktime disco house people, and you better be prepared for the esxplosion of energy you're gonna unleash when this drops. Play this around 1Am whne the floor is full and see it turn into a fully fledged mosh pit. Ideal. Move fast.... these Sound Steam records don't hang arond long....