Speed Boat - Speed Tools (REPRESS)

Speed Boat - Speed Tools (REPRESS)

The Nail Shop

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12" Vinyl 

Speed Boat is Eden Burns, one half of Dunedin house duo Sandboards, who brightened up 2016 with heavyweight releases on Feel My Bicep and Cold Tonic. Splitting off for the first release under his solo moniker, Speed Boat applies the base coat to new label The Nail Shop with a gliding four track EP for the imprint’s debut release, that makes the foot-tapping accompaniment to an afternoon waiting for your nails to dry. 

The vibe is in the name, as ‘Speed Tools’ packs a mighty punch, featuring skittering percussion, steady-movin’ bass and infectiously sensual pads that effortless take the forefront. Just don’t be surprised if it swoops you straight from the salon onto the dancefloor...