Stanley Schmidt - Smart Replies

Stanley Schmidt - Smart Replies




“Vienna” the fledgeling imprint launched in 2018 by DJ Boring and Stanley Schmidt present their second ever release “Smart Supplies”.

A home for the pair's joint musical output, Vienna (named after the city in which they met) represents contemporary house, breakbeat and electro inspired by 90’s rave culture and classic euphoria.

On “Smart Replies”, label co-founder and Buttons resident, Stanley Schmidt serves up a six-track composition of well-saturated electro, loose club-sketches and ambient sound-sculptures. Functioning like collages rather than self-contained songs, Stanley takes various recordings and samples out of their usual context (a well-known drum-break, an odd gabber-Skream-sample, or a computer-voice generated by Google's AI) to form something entirely new.

Stepping up for a remix is Vienna’s other half, DJ Boring, who delivers his take on a stripped back electro remix. Untypical of his usual sound, he still finds a way to incorporate his signature style and pack in some heavy-hitting bass.