Stefan Marx - Sundaayyyssss

Lobster Records



The Sundaayyyssss drawings started as an Instagram column against my aversion for the seventh day of the week. These drawings are about Sundaayyy feelings and the immense significance of this day in modern society. The calendar has 52 pages and can be started any Sundaayyy in the year, every year. Stefan Marx

Stefan Marx is a Hamburg based artist. His T-shirt label The Lousy Livincompany is a platform for his drawings published on T-shirts. He has worked for numerous skateboard and T-shirt labels worldwide. His artist books are published by Nieves, Rollo-Press, and Christoph Keller Editions/JRP Ringier – beside these releases he publishes regulary by himself. All Smallville Records releases are visually defined by Marx' drawings. Smallville Records is also the label of his band The Dead Sea.

In Collaboration with Zukunft