Stéphane Laporte ‎– Fourrure Sounds Vol.2

Stéphane Laporte ‎– Fourrure Sounds Vol.2



12" Vinyl

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” they say, well, this saying applies to Stéphane Laporte’s Fourrure Sounds Vol.2, for nothing solar lies behind the glorious sunset on the cover of his second album for Parisian imprint, Antinote. While Fourrure Sound Vol.1 recalled an era of naïve electronic experimentations recorded to soundtrack TV documentaries, Vol.2 resurrects 1990’s 12-hour-long rave parties. For the occasion, Stéphane Laporte changed the name of his godfathers from François De Roubaix and Jean-Jacques Perrey to Conrad Schnitzler and I-F.

For the first twenty minutes of the album, Laporte unleashes the monster he dreamt about, a golem made out of rusty bike chains and broken glass, providing some tracks for nightmarish dance floors with the dirty electro tunes Dispositions and Sound and the degenerate footworkish track, Ossature. You have to wait for the last two tracks of the record to finally find some semblance of serenity: Vitre, a synthetic ballad, and Tunnel, Stéphane Laporte’s stirring hymn for a generation of desperate ex-ravers.