Stratton - Smelling Salts

Stratton - Smelling Salts

Of Paradise


12" Vinyl

Of Paradise return with their second release the Smelling Salts EP, from UK based producer Stratton. Four pieces of music that paint an ever changing electronic landscape and showcase a true distillation of tough, jackin’ and underground house music.

Opening track ‘AM Transmission’ conjures up swirling images of sunrise with white noise experimentation working hand in hand with gentle pad work and steady, but infectious percussion. Title track ‘Smelling Salts’ is a constantly building and forever developing slice of raw and heavy emotion. A relentless kick drum powers the track way beyond the outer limits whilst huge industrial sirens and frantic percussion call out to those lost in the darkness. ‘Scrabble Dub’ kicks the B-side off in true jackin’ style. An infectious, tense and slamming piano workout that moves like a tornado across the sand. Bringing the EP to a close is ‘Always On’ an emotionally charged journey into the heart of the rave. Rolling drums pan out across a glistening skyline; synth stabs, commanding horns and gentle melodies summon everyone together for the final dance.