Sugar - Everything Changes

Bassiani Records

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12" EP

Co-founder of grassroots rave collective Fast Forward Productions, Sugar drops four-track EP ‘Everything Changes’ with Bassiani Records: a confident rallying cry fitting for the future his Danish crew is fervently building. Intro ‘Dismal Supper’ is a layered beast with a bellicose bassline cut with sinister whale song. The EP’s namesake a looping, metallic and agile production while its successor, ‘May the Colours Make You Fearful’, mixes Vangelis-style synths and assertive rhythm to strange industrial effect. Fast-Forward’s very own Schacke accelerates the EP’s opening track and lends it an atmospheric touch for closing. ‘Everything Changes’ is a pulsating release which spans moods yet holds true to Sugar’s signature dancefloor sound.

EXPECTED September 2021