Tech Support - That Record With Friends On It

Tech Support - That Record With Friends On It

Anti Skate



With Brighton being the spiritual birthplace of the London based Anti Skate label, it only felt right for them to finally have a proper release from a local talent. Tech Support's output has seen releases on the likes of Homage & Astropical Tapes, as well as a busy year of DJing up and down the country. 'Excursion' is the dreamy playful opener that everyone needs to be prescribed in the morning, and not surprisingly, Jesse Bru has done an amazing job at turning it over its head quite intricately with a bit of Detroit flavourings to go with it. The B-side is nothing short of special with the exciting piano keys and vocals on 'Praise' making it a boat party must-have. Last but not least, the namesake 'Friends' is the butterfly-inducing club closer that's been shown love by the likes of Dan Shake, Lovebirds and Laurence Guy.

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