Thrown - Between Two Flames

Thrown - Between Two Flames

Moving Pictures


12" EP

A thin patch of fog has comfortably placed itself in the middle of the valley. Sleepy oaks and pines encircled the small valley, giving it a protection from an unwanted eye. 3 women danced freely in-between open flames. It seemed like the fog did not mind this and only embraced their bodies in a mutual dance. Every move, every sway and every step igniting the flames brighter and brighter. Nobody would ever know though, as the trees still stood guard.


Thrown is a producer from the North of Czech Republic, who already made his first appearance on Moving Pictures’ V/A compilation in 2020. This time we are happy to welcome him back with his own vinyl EP titled “Between Two Flames”. Liberec based producer delivers a three-tracker tale, complemented with a fourth track - a remix by label’s own duo Aerial. Nostalgic, melancholic, happy, hypnotic? This is for you to feel and decide.


I. Thrown - Wifi Without Home
II. Thrown - Hidden Beaches
III. Thrown - Between Two Flames
IV. Thrown - Between Two Flames (Aerial Remix)

Tracks written & produced by Dominik Knap
Remix written & produced by Roman Rai & Yunis Safarov
Mixed & mastered by Roman Rai
Artwork by Yunis Safarov

Inspired by misty air and patches of moss.

EXPECTED November 2021