Trance  ‎– Tapes

Trance ‎– Tapes

Growing Bin Records


12" Vinyl

Hamburg's Growing Bin Records, an independent online vendor and experimental label, have really come into their own over the last three years, and this collection of Jurgen Petersen and Marcator's Trance material is proof of just how far they've come. Recorded between 1983 and 1986, this is the sort of timeless electronic music that sounds like it could have been made tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow because, in all honesty, the scene hasn't progressed much further than these exquisitely compelling arrangements of sonics. The likes of "Purification" and "Wintergarden" have no genre, or no sub crowd of listeners to whom they could appeal; this is very much music for the open-minded, whoever they may be! Sweet, introspective and products of a German scene that has defined our current musical trends, this is highly essential material for any serious collector. Blissful and endlessly pleasing throughout.