Tyrees - Tidy/Switch Back Smith

Tyrees - Tidy/Switch Back Smith



12" Vinyl

Tyrees is an up and coming, London born and bred producer and DJ with a heavy focus on breaks, bass and pads. His sound pays homage to and is an evolution of the elements that were so crucial in the UK dance music scene throughout the '90s and onwards. His love for Hardcore, Jungle and Drum 'n' Bass of the early to mid '90s is principally important to the formation of his style. Producers like Tyrees are taking full advantage of the current wave of innovative and experimental styles of electronic dance music. With great respect and adoration, Tyrees is combining percussive elements, rhythms, structures, samples and tempos from many genres and eras, creating familiar but fresh, unique and exciting sounds. Aside from electronic dance music, Tyrees is deeply interested in a broad spectrum of musical styles, notably the many sub-genres of Jazz, Soul and Funk from the '60s and '70s, Hip Hop culture which was so heavily inspired by this music, and anything else from Rock and orchestral pieces to World Music and obscure OSTs. This obsession with music is apparent in the overall sound of his productions.
'Tidy' is a smooth and subtle journey through beautiful sample based pads, chopped breaks, synth lines and vocal samples. It is a gradually rising force, evolving with delicate bass and synth tones and a mysterious vocal narrative. It effortlessly transitions into a melodic latter half, concluding with a climactic, explosive drum.

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