UF0 - I'm Lost

UF0 - I'm Lost



12" EP

Are you ready for some positivity? We certainly are. And who better to blow away the cobwebs than Ibizan genius Uf0 with six tracks guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

He hasn't got too much previous to go on (apart from one fast-selling release on - ahem! - a label that withheld the names of its artists), but suffice to say you'll be hearing much more from him this year.

There are nods to classic braindance and electro, but what shines through is his gift for melody. Try not to grin when the synth drops in Hector, for example. Or when the acid line cuts through in MNLTH Energy. Or even with a title like El Bigote de Ballacid (Ballacid's Moustache).

Yes, these tracks may be composed of relatively simple elements - high energy drums, 80s-esque synths - but as so often with music (and everything in life) keeping it simple is most certainly not stupid.