VA - Kolumbianische Allee

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This ridiculously soulful Summer-House EP is the first installment by Peter on Big Bait since 2015. We baked the essence of 3 years of studio work on 12" vinyl. Amongst two brilliant solo tracks, Peter brought in two coops with some excitingly interesting producers: "Arpeggio Funk" is the first co-production by the Columbian shooting star Felipe Gordon with Big Bait label boss Peter Clamat. The guys met up on soundcloud and immediately started working out some tunes together. "She hates Getting Photos" and "Tanzflächengebet" are solo productions by Mr. Clamat. Outstanding, colorful, perfect work as usual. Last but not least track no. four is the uplifting, 90's flavored remix of an unpublished Clamat-gem by Ugly Drums and Chesney. The two guys are old-stagers of the German House Culture and well known for their releases on Kalakutta Soul, AVA, Quintessentials etc.