Various Artists - 4 Anos (PRE-ORDER)

Various Artists - 4 Anos (PRE-ORDER)



Casette Tape

Sombra, the Lisbon label founded by Shcuro and Peterr, is back with a fourth release to celebrate their fourth anniversary. This time, their sombre and atmospheric vision of techno finds expression through the work of 12 artists, from promising newcomers to established heroes, in a compilation called "4 Anos", available in tape and digital formats.

Side A opens with label co-founder Peterr on a sparse, sonic slow techno work-out, followed by a breakbeat- tinged atmospheric cut by british talent Positive Centre and a detailed, deconstructed dancefloor-ready piece by Chimess. Young Lisbon producer Prec steps in with a tense, kick-furious roller while another local beatsmith, VIL, delivers an aqueous, percussive stunner and label regular Larix comes up with an ever-evolving broken techno riddim.

Lisbon's Enkö inaugurates side B by raising the intensity bar with a percussion-heavy hypnotic flex, followed by UK legend Paul Mac who hands in an insanely imaginative acid cut punctuated with a dense drone and cutting- edge drum patterns. Label repetent Damaskin is up next with a industrial-noise arpeggiated exercise that manages to take tension levels to extreme heights right before label co-founder Shcuro's peak-time dub-soaked techno seems to create a moment of euphoric dissociation. Buttons' resident Madalba brings all her Berlin knowledge to the table fusing rave intuition with drum innovation and blissful textures, with Cindy bringing a industrial and EBM inspired cut that taps into the soft spot between trippy and energetic to close this oneiric, techno-utopia of a compilation.