Various Artists - A Slice of The Pie II

Various Artists - A Slice of The Pie II

Bon Appetit Records



Steaming hot and fresh from the kitchen.....Bon Appetit Records are proud to present ‘A Slice Of The Pie Part II’!

A follow up to their debut release, The global collective release another 4 slices of tasty and nutritious tracks to whet your appetite.

Fast rising German producer, ‘Etur Usheo’, excites your tastebuds with ‘D’u A Nama’, a spicy and exotic combination of world flavours, finished with a heavy dusting of solid grooves!

The UK’s Bristol based ‘DeRijk’ serves up the blissful and dreamy ‘Freeway Drifting II’, pouring hypnotic and lush melodies over a bed of smooth yet crunchy beats.

The enigmatic Swiss/French producer, ‘Sweet Fruity Brunch’ throws everything in the pot with ‘Peaclock’, a warm, wonky, scuffed up stew of shuffling dusty funk!

Label Head Chef ‘Gaps Sobrio’ cuts it up with the mpc and serves it raw with ‘Crossing Lines’, a slow burning, loose and low plate of organic goodness.

We hope you enjoy!
Bon Appetit!