Various Artists - Black Earth Strikes Back

Various Artists - Black Earth Strikes Back

Hilltown Disco


12" EP

Hilltown Disco welcomes St. Theodore, Larionov & Sheepray to the label in a Russian affair, proudly presenting ‘Black Earth Strikes Back’.

‘Black Earth Strikes Back’ is a twisted tale of two-halves – the story of unrest, a battle of the dark, cryptic underbelly looking to overthrow normality, fused together with the outer-core of electro.

Larionov and Sheepray stand for the A-side and take the reins with 3 tracks of warm bleeps, gentle electro beats with elements of sci-fi funk and aspects of italo.

St. Theodore supplies the mechanics for the B-side with three tracks filled with murky, rumbling analogue bass, with piercing acid-lines seeping through. Music that is geared for the dancefloors of the future.