Various Artists - Breathing Space

Various Artists - Breathing Space

Ken Oath Records


Casette Tape 

Soda Lite - Alcedo Azurea  (Melbourne)
Donald’s House - Vibes of the Sky (Melbourne)
Rings Around Saturn - The Drip (Melbourne)
Santilli - Dissonance (Sydney)
Eye Nono - BOP  (Sydney)
Liam Ebbs - Swinsuit  (Sydney)
Scraps - Seahorse Embryo (Brisbane) 
Marco Vella - The Break   (Sydney)
Hi.. Ok, Sorry - Yossarian  (Perth) 
Mondo Fiockard - Dear Tress (Melbourne)
Fabrics - Sonny (Sydney)

Following the Adelaide electro sounds of Furious Frank’s ‘Magic Mountain EP’,  Ken Oath returns with an eye-opening survey of modern ambient music along Australia's coast. "Breathing Space" is the intermingling of organic and synthetic textures - lyrical birdsong and field recordings that evoke the immense natural beauty of Australia alongside blissful pads and synthesizers that echo the calming waves from lazy days spent by the beach. With contributions from Ken Oath alumni Donald's House and Angophora's Max Santilli alongside 9 other hand-picked Australian artists, these meditations on antipod