Various Artists -  Cassée EP

Various Artists - Cassée EP

La Dune



Multi-city based label, La Dune, comes out swinging with a five track break-beat compilation sure to make its mark. Kicking off 2019 with a blissed-out and controlled high-energy throughout, the Cassée EP sees La Dune make their first steps on to wax.


From its primitively ethereal opening track ‘Goma’ by DJ RN through to the charged up jungle breaks of Cassettes For Kids’ ‘Lil’ More’, the full spectrum of break-beat in its modern form is both celebrated and explored. The exciting return of Sonter on La Dune brings us ‘Valmara’, a steady yet thunderous room-shaker that builds to an other-worldly second half. Completing the line up, label co-founder Jacques Torrance and additional label debut Native Cruise bring their own distinct break-beat inspired euphoria to the table with the Cassée EP flexing its sonic muscles and hitting us right where it feels good. The sky is the limit for this impressive emerging imprint.