Various Artists -  Collisioni Sonore Pt.1

Various Artists - Collisioni Sonore Pt.1

Unità Psicofisica

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After emerging in spring, Unità Psicofisica takes a further step towards exploring Music as a matter of perception with its second output, “Collisioni Sonore”, which widens the already disclosed principles of the label, celebrating the oneness of body and mind. Combining the individual efforts of four artists whose musical output lies in the most ritualistic and awareness-expanding side of techno, “Collisioni Sonore” proves how collision might generate harmony.

Swedish producer and musical shaman Korridor opens the ceremony with “Geotetra”, a pulsating crescendo of metallic tones and ethereal echoes which drill a tunnel through time and space. “Quantum Decay”, courtesy of Italian mind PRG/M, takes over with its dystopian atmosphere, evoked by a finely organized (de)construction of abrasive textures and sharp-edged sounds. B-side breaks in with “Umalog”, a brain-frying, polyrhythmic excursion, meticulously crafted by French artist Von Grall, who manages to blend a ravishing energy infusion with a subtle tint of urban melancholy. Konstrukt’s label founder SHLTR closes the release with the eerie and intense “Pashupatinath”, a purifying drift into beatless territories, guiding the emotional reconnection with the Self at the end of the inward trip.