Various Artists - Field Works Vol. II

Various Artists - Field Works Vol. II

Vox Populi Records

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Vox Populi Field Works Vol.II is the second part of a broader project entitled ‘Field Works’, in which the label travels to different locations in the world in order to collect sounds, eventually creating an archive of some of the finest and humblest musical traditions. Inspired by academic methods proper to ethnomusicology and ethnography, this project’s aim is to showcase the diversity of our human cultural heritage, which is threatened by accelerated globalization and homogenization of the worldwide musical spectrum.

This record is the result of a twenty-day trip to Japan. Led by anthropologist and label founder Fred Scharf and his Vox Populi Records crew, this is the second instalment on the ‘Field Works’ series. This 12’’ vinyl release is a collection of field recordings, jam sessions, studio recordings, street soundscapes, religious rituals, fighting championships and wedding ceremonies, all of which were remixed and reinterpreted by Japan Blues, Tim Karbon, Hiroaki Oba & Shizka (aka Inoue Shirabe), delivering tracks whose core represents a wide array of traditional Japanese sounds.